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G4S Telematix at ARC Days 2023 | Navigating Future Horizons

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 10 Οκτ 2023

Embark on a journey where innovation, networking, and strategic mobility discussions converge at ARC Days 2023 in Athens, Greece.

G4S Telematix is ecstatic to announce its sponsorship and active participation in this transformative event, scheduled on the 11th & 12th of October. Under the visionary theme of "Think Networks", over 180 mobility leaders from across Europe will gather, share, and co-create the future roadmap of our mobility ecosystem.

ARC Days is not merely a conference; it's a melting pot where stakeholders from the ARC Europe network reunite after a 5-year hiatus to collaboratively sculpt the forthcoming mobility horizons. In a world that has witnessed dramatic shifts post-pandemic, this event promises to be a catalyst, sparking conversations and initiatives around strategic, operational, and digital excellence in mobility.

G4S Telematix: Your Guardian in Automotive & Logistics Domains

In an era where mobility is intrinsically tied to digitalization, G4S Telematix proudly presents its suite of solutions, specially crafted to address the nuanced needs of the Automotive and Logistics sectors, ensuring secure, compliant, and efficient operations.

Automotive Services

  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking: Swiftly recover your vehicles with our advanced tracking technologies.

  • E-Call Services: Ensuring safety with immediate emergency response services.

  • Asset Health Monitoring: Prolong vehicle lifespan with real-time asset health insights.

Logistics Services

  • Compliance & Safety: Navigate through regulations with our compliance management solutions.

  • Safeguarding Your Cargo: Trust in our solutions to protect your cargo from risks across all transit phases.

  • Vehicle Health Management: Minimize downtimes with predictive vehicle health management.

All our services are fortified by our 24/7 Control Tower and an expansive network of 40 Secure Operation Centers spread internationally, ensuring your assets are continuously monitored, safeguarded, and managed efficiently.

💡 Let’s "Think Networks" Together 💡

Our participation in ARC Days 2023 underscores our dedication to innovating, securing, and elevating the mobility and logistics sectors through telematics and intelligent solutions. Together, let’s explore pathways to sculpt exemplary customer journeys, amplify operational excellence, and safeguard assets with intelligent, real-time solutions.

G4S Telematix is not just a solutions provider; we are your strategic partner in navigating through the dynamic landscapes of mobility and logistics. Let's join hands, share knowledge, and co-create the future at ARCDays 2023!

View and Download our brief video here: [ARC Days | G4S Telematix Video]

«Let’s meet all together and Think Networks!» - Visit the ARC DAYS Official Website

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